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Buy Blakes Paint online

Blakes Paint

Specialised in delivering boatyards in the UK, we offer a wide range of boat paint and associated products such as primers, thinners, fillers, etc.
Below are the Blakes paint products we usually keep on stock. Please feel free to enquire for any other requirement.

Yacht Enamel

  • Yacht Enamel Black 0.75LT
  • Yacht Enamel Light Aircraft Grey 0.75LT
  • Yacht Enamel Surival Orange 0.75LT
  • Yacht Enamel Pillar Box Red 0.75LT
  • Yacht Enamel Slate Grey 0.75LT
  • Yacht Enamel White 0.75LT

Blakes EPU

  • Blakes EPU Grey 0.75LT
  • Blakes EPU Grey 2.25LT
  • Blakes EPU White 2.25LT

Blakes Thinners

  • Blakes No.2 Thinner 0.75LT
  • Blakes No.5 Thinner 0.75LT
  • Blakes No.6 Thinner 0.75LT


  • Polygloss White 0.75LT
  • Polygloss White 2.25LT

Blakes Primers and Undercoats

  • Primer Undercoat Grey 0.75LT
  • Yacht primer U/Coat Grey 2.5LT
  • Underwater Yacht Primer 2.5LT

Other paint products from Blakes

  • Bilge & Llocker Paint White 2.5LT
  • Surface Cleaner 1LT

We also stock and supply boat paint from the following manufacturers: PPG, International, Hempel, Bollom and HMG.

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