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Buy International Paint online

International Paint

Specialised in delivering boatyards in the UK, we offer a wide range of boat paint and associated products such as primers, thinners, fillers, etc.
International Paint products are widely used in the marine industry.
Below are the products we usually keep on stock. Please feel free to enquire for any other requirement.


  • Interlac CLF384 Eau-De-Nil 216 1LT
  • Interlac CLF384 Eau-De-Nil 216 5LT
  • Interlac CZE160 665 Bamboo Gloss 1LT
  • Interlac CZE160 665 Bamboo Gloss 5LT


  • Primocon Grey YPA984


  • Danboline Grey 0.75LT
  • Danboline Grey 2.5LT
  • Danboline White 0.75LT
  • Danboline White 2.5LT


  • Intershield ENA300 bronze 17.5LT
  • Intershield ENA301Silver 17.5LT


  • Watertite YVA135

Micron Extra

  • Micron Extra Dover White YBA904 0.75LT
  • Micron Extra Dover White YBA904 2.5LT
  • Micron Extra-Red YBA946 2.5LT


  • Trilux White YBA508 0.375LT
  • Trilux Scarlet YBA550 0.375LT


  • Toplac Yellow YKS101 0.75LT


  • Golspar Deluxe GL. Varnish YVA213 0.75LT
  • Goldspar Deluxe Satin Varnish YVA251 0.75LT


  • Intergard 263 20LT
  • Intergard 269 5LT


  • YPA403/404 Interprotect Grey 5LT
  • YPA400/404 Interprotect White 5LT

International Paints Primers

  • YPA829/824 Primer 820 Grey 5LT
  • YP828/824 Primer 820 White 5LT
  • YPA110/112 Etch Primer

International Paints Thinners

  • GTA004 Thinner-White Spirit 5LT
  • GTA007 International Thinner (No.3)
  • GTA220 Thinner
  • YTA910 Interspray 900 Thinner 5LT


  • YUG879 Prekote Blue Grey 0.75LT

Anti-Condensation Paint

  • GDA510 Anti-Condensation White 2.5LT


  • JBA016 Intertuf Bitumnous Black 5LT

We also stock and supply boat paint from the following manufacturers: PPG, Hempel, Blakes, Bollom and HMG.

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