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Buy PPG Paint online

PPG Paint

Specialised in delivering boatyards in the UK, we offer a wide range of boat paint and associated products such as primers, thinners, fillers, etc. PPG Paint offer outstanding resistance to UV and corrosive environment..
Below are the products we usually keep on stock. Please feel free to enquire for any other requirement.

CA8300 Sets

  • CA8300 801 Black 2LT Set
  • CA8300 105 Oxford Blue 2LT Set
  • CA8300 105 Oxford Blue 20LT Set
  • CA8300 627 Light Aircraft Grey 2LT Set
  • CA8300 627 LGT/A/C Grey 20LT Set
  • CA8300 557 Orange 2LT Set
  • CA8300 557 Orange 20LT Set
  • CA8300 C4648 Yellow 2LT Set
  • CA8300 C4648 Yellow 20LT Set
  • CA8300 C3635 Red 2LT Set
  • CA8300 C3635 Red 20LT Set
  • CA8300 802 White 2LT Set
  • CA8300 802 White 20LT Set

Desothane products

  • Desothane HS Activator 0.5LT
  • Desothane HS Activator 2.5LT
  • Desothane HS Activator 5LT
  • Desothane HS Low PU.Black 1LT
  • Desothane HS Low Voc PU OX.blue 1LT
  • Desothane HS Low Voc PU OX.blue 5LT
  • Desothane HS Low PU.LGT 1LT
  • Desothane HS Low PU.LGT 5LT
  • Desothane HS Low Voc PU Orange 1LT
  • Desothane HS Low Voc PU Orange 5LT
  • Desothane HS Low Voc PU Yellow
  • Desothane HS Low Voc PU Red
  • Desothane HS Low Voc PU.White 1LT
  • Desothane HS Low Voc PU.White 5LT
  • Desothane HS C1 Thinner 0.5LT
  • Desothane HS C1 Thinner 2.5LT
  • Desothane HS C1 Thinner 5LT
  • Desothane HS C2 Thinner 2.5LT

CA40000 sets

  • CA40000 801 Black 3LT Set
  • CA40000LT A/C Grey 3LT Set
  • CA40000 Red 3LT Set
  • CA40000 802 White 3LT Set
  • CA40000 Yellow 3LT Set
  • CA40000 Blue 3LT Set
  • CA40000 Green 3LT Set
  • CA40000 Brown 3LT Set
  • CA40000 Orange 3LT Set
  • CA40000 801 Black 15LT Set
  • CA40000 LT A/C Grey 15LT Set
  • CA40000 Red 15LT Set
  • CA40000 802 White 15LT Set
  • CA40000 Yellow 15LT Set
  • CA40000 Blue 15LT Set
  • CA40000 Green 15LT Set
  • CA40000 Brown 15LT Set
  • CA40000 Orange 15LT Set

CA40000 products

  • CA40000 activator 1Lt
  • CA40000 activator 5Lt
  • CA40000 topcoat black 801 1LT
  • CA40000 topcoat LT A/C grey 1LT
  • CA40000 topcoat red 1LT
  • CA40000 top coat white 1LT
  • CA40000 topcoat orange 1LT
  • CA40000 topcoat Blue 1LT
  • CA40000 top coat Green 1LT
  • CA40000 topcoat Brown 1LT
  • CA40000 topcoat yellow 1LT
  • CA40000 topcoat black 805 5LT
  • CA40000 topcoat LT A/C grey 5LT
  • CA40000 topcoat red 5LT
  • CA40000 top coat white 5LT
  • CA40000 topcoat orange 5LT
  • CA40000 topcoat Blue 5LT
  • CA40000 top coat Green 5LT
  • CA40000 topcoat Brown 5LT
  • CA40000 topcoat yellow 5LT
  • CA40000 thinner 1Lt
  • CA40000 thinner 5Lt


  • Delfleet buff 5LT set (F335 Epoxy primer/F366 Hardener/F373 Thinner)
  • Delfleet buff 25LT set (F335 Epoxy primer/F366 Hardener/F373 Thinner)
  • Delfleet white 25LT set (F335 Epoxy primer/F366 Hardener/F373 Thinner)
  • Delfleet Chromate free Primer white 15Lt
  • Delfleet Chromate free Primer buff 3Lt
  • Delfleet Chromate free Primer buff 15Lt
  • Delfleet Hardner 1lt
  • Delfleet Hardner 5lt
  • Delfleet thinner F371 5lt
  • Delfleet thinner F372 1lt
  • Delfleet thinner F372 5lt
  • Delfleet thinner F373 5lt

FP28 non-slip

  • FP28 Non slip black 5LT (FP28/801)
  • FP28 Non slip ebony 5LT (FP28/869)
  • FP28 Non Slip DK.AD. Grey 5LT (FP28/632)
  • FP28 Non Slip Light Orange 5LT (FP28/557)


  • EC75 Epoxy Black 5LT
  • Activator EC75 Glossy 5LT (ACT65)
  • Activator EC75 Eggshell 5LT (ACT67)
  • Activator For EC75 Matt 5LT (ACT68)(ACT


  • FR89 Epoxy low voc 4Lt set
  • FR89 Epoxy filler low voc 3Lt
  • ACT205 1LT


  • Oxford Blue 50ml Sempack (8302GB105)
  • Light Orange 50ml Sempack (8302GB557)
  • Sempackgun 50ml manual dispenser
  • White 50ml Sempack (8302BP802)

Other PPG Cleaners

  • CN135 Cleaning Solvent 5LT
  • CN205 Cleaner 5LT
  • CN44 Cleaner - Gunwash 25LT
  • CN44 Cleaner 5LT
  • CN45 Brushwash for dopes 5LT

Other PPG Thinners

  • T1 Thinner TH4 TH19 5LT
  • T115 Thinner TH193 5LT
  • T17 Thinner TH37 TH84 T106 5LT
  • TH34B Catalyst thinner for PR30B 5LT

Other PPG Activators

  • ACT143 Activator for PR143 5LT

Other PPG Primers

  • PR205 epoxy primer HS
  • PR30B Chrometch primer 5LT
  • PR143 Epoxy primer HS yellow 5LT
  • PR205 Epoxy primer HS yellow 3LT

We also stock and supply boat paint from the following manufacturers: International, Hempel, Blakes, Bollom and HMG.

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